KeepSolid VPN Lite: How to Protect Your Data with Best VPN for Meizu

If you are a proud owner of Meizu device, you definitely strive to keep it safe from any cyber threats. Have we guessed right? If so, then KeepSolid VPN Lite is exactly what you need! How to get our VPN for Meizu? How to use VPN Lite for Meizu? Let’s get to it!

Why use KeepSolid VPN Lite on Meizu device

Using your Meizu device with and without KeepSolid VPN Lite

How to get VPN Lite for Meizu

Step 1

Step 2

Select the plan that will satisfy your personal VPN needs (Free or Premium)

Step 3

Enjoy secure browsing!

FAQ on using KeepSolid VPN Lite for Meizu devices

How to use VPN Lite for Meizu

Step 1

Go to KeepSolid VPN Lite on your Meizu

Step 2

For Free plan users - connect to the basic US VPN server. For Premium users - select the other highly secure VPN server from our premium VPN servers list

Step 3

You anonymous web journey has begun!

Why choose Premium plan of our VPN for Meizu

To access the top 7 most popular video streaming sites


The Premium subscription provides Meizu users with additional 7 streaming servers. thanks to these servers you can enjoy the content of BBC iPlayer, ESPN+, Hulu, Popcornflix, HBO now, and Sony Crackle.


To watch favorite shows from anywhere


With KeepSolid VPN Lite you can travel all over the world and never miss new episodes of your favorite TV shows. It doesn’t matter where you are located, you can easily connect to one of our streaming servers and watch any video content in a few clicks.


To enjoy only the best video quality


Thanks to our huge list of premium VPN servers, you can be sure that you get only the best possible connection speed. The speed of our VPN for Meizu will be absolutely enough to watch your shows in full HD quality.


Compatibility of VPN Lite with Operating System on Meizu devices

Using any application you definitely want to be sure, it provides you with the best connection speed and unmatched performance. In order to meet such expectations, the compatibility of the app with your operating system is a must.

Being the Meizu user you also want any service on your device to support your current operating system. Well, choosing KeepSolid VPN Lite you get the application that will definitely support the latest Android version. Download the app and check it out! 

Download our VPN solution for Meizu device now

How about complete protection and anonymity on your Meizu device with KeepSolid VPN Lite? Download our best VPN for Meizu and don’t let anyone hack your device.