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How To Get Started with Android VPN App by KeepSolid

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Select VPN VPN Lite Free   VPN Lite Turbo

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Enjoy secure browsing

Why KeepSolid VPN Lite


Obscure your IP address

Your IP address is virtually a goldmine of information about you, your online and real-life activities, your interests and habits. That’s why taking care of its protection should be among your top priorities. With our VPN app for Android, it’s super-simple - just connect to the VPN server and any third parties will only be able to see the server’s IP.

Access top online content

VPN Lite by KeepSolid is your steward to the world of all the best stuff that the internet has to offer. Wherever you are and whatever sites or services are available or not in your location doesn’t matter. Connect to our VPN server and you’ll be granted access to your favorite content, movies, videos, social networks, and the like.

Protect your device on public WiFi networks

Don’t let any eavesdroppers, spyware, or other malefactors to get hold of your private data and sensitive information. Turn on our free VPN for Android when you need to connect to a public WiFi network, and VPN Lite by KeepSolid will encrypt all your internet traffic using AES-128 or -256 protocol. No tasty data for hackers today!

One-tap intuitive VPN for Android.

Enjoy the pleasure of simplicity. One button to launch, fast download with no registration, a completely free VPN for Android phones - what’s not to like? VPN Lite by KeepSolid work so seamlessly and smoothly, you won’t even notice it’s on!

Dark Mode

Enable VPN Lite Dark mode when browsing in the dark. It protects your eyes and doesn’t distract or irritate those around you, so your experience with our free VPN app on Android remains just as fulfilling by day as at night. KeepSolid cares for both your security AND your sight!

Choosing VPN Tools: Free VS Turbo

KeepSolid VPN Lite free

  • 128 bit encryption
  • One VPN server
  • IKEv2 protocol
  • Free of charge
  • No ads
  • 24/7 Customer Support

KeepSolid VPN Lite turbo

  • 128 and 256 bit encryption
  • Over 400 VPN servers + Unlimited server switching
  • IKEv2 + KeepSolid Wise protocols
  • Free 7 day trial + monthly or annual subscription
  • No ads
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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  • One-click app
  • Unlimited traffic and connection speed
  • Military-grade 128- and 256-bit encryption
  • 24/7 support
  • 400+ servers in 70+ locations
  • Zero-log policy

Download VPN Lite Client for Android

KeepSolid’s products are renowned for their security and productivity benefits, and VPN Lite is no exception for sure. It protects your data, it hides your internet activities, it grants you access to top-tier online content. All these features, and many others like no ads, registration, or CC requirements - in a FREE VPN for Android!