KeepSoild VPN Lite

One-click security solution


Obscure your real IP address

Our anonymous VPN software masks your IP address under that of a VPN server you’re connected to. This makes it impossible to track your online activities for any third parties, granting you unmatched online freedom. Our popular VPN Lite client makes you all but invisible on the internet.

Access any online content

Every social network, news website, and streaming service are available to you with our best VPN. The world of top internet content is at your fingertips! Wherever you are and wherever you go, our fast anonymous VPN Lite will ensure that you will not be denied access to your favorite online sites or best streaming videos.

Protect your phone on public WiFi

There are numerous threats accompanying the use of the oh-so-sweet free WiFi internet. Our VPN service applies blue-chip encryption to shield your devices and your data from those perils. With our VPN tool, no hacker, spyware, or what-have-you malevolent actor will steal your sensitive information when you connect to a free WiFi hotspot.

Enjoy the simplicity of private VPN Lite service

Using top-notch privacy and security technology is made simple with our VPN client. The download is fast, registration is free, it takes a single tap to launch the app, and no ads are shown. This VPN service software was designed so as to make the user experience as satisfying and seamless as possible.

Download VPN Lite Client

VPN Lite by KeepSolid is available for iPhone, Android and Mac. You can download our VPN software for FREE (forever and without ads), or upgrade to even more sophisticated Turbo version (7 day free trial included).

Secure your privacy and anonymity, and get full access to the best online content, including websites, services, movies and videos, social networks, and much more!

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